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November 24, 2014

YPFDJ Europe concluded its Annual Training of Trainers…

YPFDJ Europe concluded its Annual Training of Trainers (ToT) program in Copenhagen, Denmark 12 October 2014 YPFDJ Leaders who came from across Europe held…
November 20, 2014

Press Statement: Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Press Statement By The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EARLY this week, the Ethiopian spokesperson of the UNHCR Office in Addis Ababa announced that “6,200…
November 19, 2014
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New Album from Korchach: weQaH ilkni

Oct 08, 2010 6701
An established album from an established artist is the first impression you are left with…

Two New Books on Eritrean History…

Oct 02, 2010 4407
Two new books written by Zemhret Yohanns are released last month that describes Eritrean…

Eritrean Youth Meeting with Mr. Zemhret…

Sep 21, 2010 6410

Eritrean Festival in Scandinavia,…

Jul 14, 2010 4660
Final preparations are underway by the NHCC Stockholm to organise the Eritrean festival…

6th Annual YPFDJ-NA Conference…

Jul 08, 2010 5422
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Role of YPFDJ

The role of the YPFDJ is to play a leading role in organising the young Eritreans and creating a platform where young Eritreans can play significant role to contribute towards building a viable state of Eritrea. To ensure an effective organisation exists where young Eritreans can agree on a common vision 

Eritrean Youth

Eritrean youth have always played a critical and decisive role through out the Eritrean history struggle; a struggle that has taken generations.The current Eritrean young generation is now sharing the burden of responsibility in both building prosperous Eritrea and challenging the threats to deny the Eritrean people from their endeavour to pursue complete national independence and the chance to live in peace and harmony.


YPFDJ main goals are:

  1. To build a strong, conscious and patriotic youth movement.
  2. To ensure the continuity of all the values of the popular front that enabled to serve the interest of Eritrean people.